Sesame Toffee

Ingredients (For 15-20 servings) Recipe of the month

  1. Sesame – 2000 gm
  2. Sugar – 1325 gm
  3. Fresh Cream – 1250 gm
  4. Liquid glucose – 750 gm
  5. Butter – 625 gm


  1. Heat a pan and add fresh cream and butter.
  2. Once heated, add sugar and stir for a while and then add liquid glucose
  3. Once the sugar is dissolved and the mixture becomes thick in texture, add sesame seeds
  4. Heat until the temperature is 120 degree centigrade and cook for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour into a baking tray and let the mixture cool down.
  6. Cut it into small cubes as desired.
  7. Now your Sesame toffee is ready to serve.


You can enjoy this delicacy as a snack or as a dessert.