Stories from the farm

Lakpi Sherpa is the farm manager at Dwarika’s Eco Organic Farm, located in Darimbot, Kavre District. A native of Jiri, Dolakha District, she has been working in these fields for almost 10 years. At 29 years of age, she has achieved a lot for an average woman in Nepal, and is known as a strong figure. She lives in the farm with her 6 month old daughter, Pema Yangchen, and a maid.

Her interest in livestock and farming is what has brought her to where she is today. In addition to a great deal of field experience, she has gained further exposure through working with various international projects funded by organisations such as UNDP, DANIDA, and others.

Lakpi is an expert when it comes to understanding the natural seasonality of our crops, an important asset for an organic farm that respects Mother Nature’s natural cycle. At the farm, she has currently planted vegetables including cabbage, beans, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes and herbs such as thyme, rosemary, wild coriander and basil. Her happiest moments, she says, is when the seeds she has sown and the plants she has nurtured finally come to fruition, which thankfully happens often in Darimbot!

Having lived in rural areas for almost her entire life, she is not a city girl at all. For Lakpi, home is where she can find terraces to plant, farm and live a blissful live immersed in her natural surroundings.